Summary of Deed Restrictions



Land Use and Building Type:

  • One single-family residence

  • Only one single-family residential dwelling

  • No mobile home, modular home, or manufactured home may be erected or permitted to remain on any lot


Dwelling Size:

  • Developer to construct all homes

  • Any 1-story dwelling not less than 2000 square feet

  • Any 1-1/2 story dwelling not less than 2400 square feet

  • Any 2+ story dwelling not less than 2400 square feet

  • Unfinished basement square footage does not apply toward square footage minimum


Building Construction and Quality:

  • Developer to construct all homes

  • No building shall be erected unless it is completely underpinned with solid brick, brick or stone-covered block or stucco covered foundation

  • Roofs (except dormers) of not less than 6 in 12 pitch and not less than 12-inch over-hang

  • Exterior of all houses and other structures must be completed within one (1) year after the commencement of construction

  • The exterior surface of any building shall be of brick, stone, hard stucco (synthetic stucco is not permitted), wood or sing consisting of wood, composite or vinyl material


Temporary Structures; Structure Materials:

  • No residence or outbuilding of a temporary nature shall be erected or allowed to remain on any lot


Building Setback Lines:

  • Setbacks from roadway 35 feet

  • Side lot setbacks are 15 feet; interior lot rear setbacks are 35 feet

  • Setbacks to be shown on final plat

Combination or Subdivision of Lots:

  • No lot shall be subdivided by sale or otherwise as to reduce the lot area shown on map


Antennas, Satellite Dishes or Discs:

  • Satellite dishes are restricted in size (see complete Deed Restrictions), and must be screened from road and lake

  • No freestanding radio or television towers or antennas


Sewage Disposal, Wells and Utilities:

  • Sewage disposal system shall be approved by Iredell County

  • Water will be individual wells and approved by Iredell County

  • Electricity will be Duke Power

Please note that a complete set of Deed Restrictions should be reviewed prior to making an offer.